How to Edit Google Form Responses: A Step-By-Step Guide

Editing Google Form responses doesn't have to be a headache. Our guide provides clear steps for form creators and respondents alike, enabling you to make corrections quickly and effectively.

How to Edit Google Form Responses: A Step-By-Step Guide
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Google Forms is a versatile tool used for creating forms for everything from surveys and quizzes to event registrations. But what if you or one of your respondents makes an error? Can you edit Google Form responses after they've been submitted? The answer is yes—depending on how you've set up your form and whether you're the creator or the respondent. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to edit Google Form responses.

For Form Creators

Step 1: Access Your Form

  • Navigate to the folder where your Google Form is saved.
  • Click on the form to open it.

Step 2: Go to the "Responses" Tab

  • Click on the "Responses" tab located at the top of the form editor.
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Step 3: Locate the Response You Want to Edit

  • You'll see a summary of responses. For detailed responses, click on “Link to Sheets". This will create a Google Sheet with all the responses.
  • Locate the row corresponding to the response you wish to edit.
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Step 4: Edit the Response

  • You cannot directly edit the form responses within Google Forms, but you can edit the linked Google Sheet.
  • Find the cell that contains the erroneous information and make your corrections directly in the sheet.
Note: Editing the response in the Google Sheet will not update the original response in the Google Form's response tab, but it will be reflected in any data analysis you conduct on the Google Sheet.

Step 5: Notify the Respondent (If Necessary)

  • If you've changed someone's response, you may wish to notify them, particularly if the form is used for official or sensitive purposes.

For Respondents

Option 1: Edit After Submission is Enabled

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If the form creator has allowed for editing after submission, you can edit your response by:
  1. Immediately after submitting the form: Click the “Edit your response” link that appears on the confirmation page.
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  1. Via email: If you received a confirmation email, there should be an “Edit Response” button or link in the email.

Option 2: Request an Edit

If the form creator hasn’t enabled editing after submission, you'll have to request that they either enable this feature or manually edit your response for you.
  1. Contact the Form Creator: Use email or another communication method to ask them to make the change.
  1. Specify the Change: Clearly describe what needs to be changed to avoid any misunderstandings.


Can I enable editing after submission?

  • Yes, if you’re the form creator, go to the “Settings” (the gear icon) and under the “General” tab check the box that says, "Edit after submit."

Can I restrict who can edit responses?

  • While you can limit who can fill out the form, Google Forms does not currently allow you to limit editing permissions for individual responses.

Can I track changes to responses?

  • Google Forms does not natively offer this feature, but changes will be tracked in the linked Google Sheet if you have version history enabled.
In summary, editing Google Form responses is possible and can be done by both the form creator and the respondents, depending on the settings. Happy form-making!

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